Study Notes and Published Refences - Note SN 81-303 - ACTUARIAL REVIEW OF RESERVES AND OTHER A.S. LIABILITIES

Applicable Professional Stds Regarding Actuarial Review of Reserves
General Principles of a Satisfactory Audit
Reserve Assembly Process
Auditing Life Insurance Reserves and Related Actuarial Items
Spot Checks (tests of inventory, test calcs, transactional checks and policy traces)
Independent Full Recomputations
Tests of Aggregate Progress of Reserve From One Fiscal Period to the Next
Tests of Relationships of Reserve Items to Other Financial Items (Units of Measurement) And Stability Therein From One Fiscal Period to Another
Tests of Reserve Adequacy
Healthy Skepticism
Appendix A - "Qualified Actuary" Standards
Appendix B - Recommendation 7 - Statement of Actuarial Opinion
Appendix C - Recommendation 9 - Materiality
Appendix E
Appendix F - Analysis of Increse in Reserves
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